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Windows 10 X, a new operating system based on Microsoft’s modular Windows Core OS project, was recently shown off along with Surface Neo. While Windows 10 X has been created and optimized for dual-screen devices, it will be coming to traditional laptops as well, as per the leaked documents.

Windows 10 X will come with a number of exclusive features including gestures, new Action Center, Lockscreen experience, Start menu, Taskbar and improved Windows Update experience. Another feature appears to be dynamic wallpapers, as per a new report which has been confirmed by our sources as well.

Dynamic wallpapers are already available on macOS and it’s one of the highly-praised features. Mojave, the new version of macOS, features a desert wallpaper that changes based on the time of day.

Mojave desktop

Windows 10 X could come with a similar wallpaper that would change throughout the day, reflecting sunrise, sunset, and other time of day. Microsoft may use your timing, geolocation and location settings to enable a seamless transition from one wallpaper to another.

Microsoft is focusing aggressively on Windows 10 X and Windows Core OS, and the software giant is working on major improvements. Last year, we reported that Microsoft is recreating Action Center to align it with these efforts.

Action Center
Concept based on new Action Center

This was confirmed via the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft software engineer, which revealed that the Windows Shell team is working on a Windows Core OS variation of Action Center to create and maintain the notification pipeline.

Similarly, Microsoft is hoping to address all Windows Update problems on Windows 10 X. As per the reports and LinkedIn profiles of engineers, Windows 10 X and Windows Core OS are designed to offer a smooth Windows Update experience.

The goal of Windows Core OS is to also speed up the Windows Update process and deliver stable updates that can be uninstalled quickly. Users will be able to finish the installation of feature updates without waiting for a long time.

It’s also worth noting Windows 10 X won’t arrive as an update on your existing devices, but there’ll be some ways to install the operating system on any device.

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