Windows 10X interface
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There’s a new flavour of Windows 10 in town for a new wave of PCs and it is called ‘Windows 10X‘ (pronounced ex).

Windows 10X or 10 X isn’t an entirely new operating system as Microsoft itself says the OS is based on Windows 10, but it is a bit different from the regular version of Microsoft’s desktop platform.

Windows 10X is not the Windows that we have used in past. For example, the new OS will ditch the Start menu for Launcher and replace the Action Center with Quick Actions. According to leaks and reports, Windows 10X is a part of Microsoft’s long-rumoured Windows Core OS (WCOS) project and it appears that the OS will have mobile features.

In a new job post, Microsoft describes WCOS (Windows Core OS) as a new challenge to push forward as the company plans to merge ‘Desktop scenarios with Mobile technology’, which presents great opportunities and as well as challenges.

“…And WCOS challenges us to push forward, as we merge Desktop scenarios with Mobile technology, which presents both great opportunities and challenges,” the listing reads.

The job post is for the Senior Software Engineer position who will work with developers to deliver their innovations on any Windows-powered device including desktops and servers.

Interestingly, Microsoft has also mentioned ‘ModernPC’ as one of the supported devices, but the company hasn’t shared any specifics.

Microsoft plans to ship Windows 10X in the holiday 2020 and the OS will eventually come to traditional laptops too.

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