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Microsoft announced the Chromium-based version of Edge earlier this year and today the company revealed that Edge stable version is arriving early next year. Microsoft’s “new” Edge or the “next” Edge comes with a new logo alongside a series of new features and significant improvements.

At the Ignite developer conference, Microsoft noted that Edge browser’s final version release date is slated for January 15. Edge development is decoupled from Windows, so you would be able to install it on any version of Windows 10 and even Windows 7/8 machine without compatibility issues.

With Chromium-based Edge, Microsoft will finally have its new browser available on every platform that matters including Windows 7, macOS, Windows 10, Android and iOS too.

The new PCs will come pre-loaded with the Chromium Edge, but it’s not clear how Microsoft plans to replace the old Edge browser with the new one on existing installations of Windows 10.

Edge browser logo

Microsoft has been hiding old Edge when new Edge is installed on preview builds of Windows 10, though Microsoft has yet to confirm this A/B testing.

Microsoft has confirmed that it will do a ‘lot of testing’ to figure out the transition process of new Edge on the desktop for existing builds.

“That’s the plan. We’re going to do some testing, and just like Windows updates, we’re going to try and get that right,” Microsoft said.

According to a report, Windows 10’s Spring 2020 update codenamed ’20H1′ might come pre-installed with Chromium Edge.

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