Surface Duo

Microsoft recently announced Surface Neo and Surface Duo with Windows 10X and Android respectively. The new devices should begin shipping to customers around the world in December 2020, but the company is apparently looking towards the next iteration of the device or improving the existing prototypes.

According to a new patent application uncovered by us, Microsoft might be working on ‘Control logic’ for Surface Neo or Duo to determine the information to be displayed on various screen regions and enable gestures support.

The patent titled ‘DEVICE HAVING A SCREEN REGION ON A HINGE COUPLED BETWEEN OTHER SCREEN REGIONS’ was published by USPTO on October 31, 2019, and filed by Microsoft on July 8, 2019.

With Control logic, Microsoft hopes to render the correct information on one or multiple regions of the screen. Control logic will also determine the state of the hinge and as well as the volume controls to improve the multitasking experience.

Surface control logic

In the filing, Microsoft states that Control logic will handle the movement of UI elements from one side of the device to another. Control logic can also help users with controlling multiple processes.

With Control logic, Surface Neo and Surface Duo would be able to detect a gesture and direct it to a specific region of the screen.

“In accordance with this example, the control logic may determine an interface element (e.g., a virtual bookmark) to be displayed on the third screen region. In another example, the control logic may determine a notification to be displayed on the third screen region,” the patent reads.

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