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Microsoft is rolling out a server-side update that enables a slightly improved variation of Windows Search on retail builds of Windows 10, including May 2019 Update PCs.

Windows Search has become an essential part of Windows and it’s now a more advanced feature on Windows 10 as compared to older versions of the operating system. Search relies on the index to look for information such as OS settings quickly, but users have complained that sometimes settings search results don’t match the search input.

To improve Windows Search experience, Microsoft is improving the Best match result section with a new “Related:” label to clarify why a particular setting has popped in the search result. At the moment, the related label shows up only for Settings app, but Microsoft is planning to expand this feature to include Apps search in the coming weeks.

Windows Search

Microsoft is also updating the built-in Spell correction feature of Windows Search to help you find what you’re looking for. Windows Search will intelligently understand and render correct results for typos like ‘powerpiont’.

It will probably take a week or two before the updated Search is ready for millions of Windows 10 PCs currently in use.

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