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Windows Core OS, a modular and adaptive version of Windows intended to run on foldable devices could well have a new Action Center. According to a new piece of information discovered by us, Microsoft might be developing a new version of Action Center exclusively for Windows Core OS.

This is suggested by the LinkedIn profile of a Microsoft engineer, which was discovered by us earlier today. The LinkedIn page points to more work being done on the new platform as it mentions ‘Windows Core OS version of Action Center’.

‘Develop the Windows Core OS (WCOS) variation of Action Center,’ reads the profile of the engineer who is working on Windows Shell. It didn’t reveal much except for the fact that Windows Core OS is still being developed and there could be a new Action Center.

Windows Core OS rumours

Windows Core OS rumours have been circulated since 2017 and it’s believed to be a new modular version of Windows customized for new form factors. WCOS features integrated UI support for dual displays and other devices, including the next-gen Surface Hub.

A report recently revealed that Microsoft’s upcoming foldable Surface device will run a version of Windows named ‘Windows Core OS (WCOS)’ and it would be capable of running Android apps.

Windows Core OS is optimized for the dual-screen device and Centaurus could be the first hardware from Microsoft to run this OS variant. Centaurus may come with two 9-inch displays, each with 4:3 aspect ratio and Lakefield processor from Intel, which is only 10mn thin and should offer better battery backup.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed Windows Core OS and the company would never discuss specifics about this new operating system until its ready. We should learn more about Microsoft’s modern OS later this year, possibly at the Surface hardware event or early next year.

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