In the past few months, Microsoft has introduced Dark Mode to several elements of the Windows 10 desktop and apps. Microsoft is also bringing the dark mode to its Android apps and the new entrant to the dark side is OneNote (beta).

Today, Microsoft is rolling out dark mode to OneNote via a server-side update and it may not show up on all Android phones as it is apparently being tested with select users.

After the update, the background of OneNote now masks the dark grey colour, but some fonts are in the black colour scheme.

OneNote for Android

The dark mode applies automatically and it follows the global system dark mode setting. Unfortunately, the app does not have a toggle to enable or disable dark mode, and you may not see the changes if the global dark mode setting is missing from your phone.

OneNote dark mode

We are seeing dark mode in OneNote (beta) version 16.0.11901.20004. The server-side update is selectively rolled out to beta testers for the moment and checking the Play Store for updates doesn’t help.

Microsoft might push dark mode to more users in the coming weeks.

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