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Rumours have revealed that Microsoft is developing a dual-screen (two panels) device codenamed ‘Centaurus‘ for a 2020 launch. If foldable or dual-screen devices are ever to become mainstream, display quality problem needs to be addressed, and it looks like Microsoft has a solution.

New patented technology by Microsoft could address the display graphics quality problems on dual-screen Windows PC. Microsoft wants to use multiple calibrated ambient colour sensor measurements to generate a single colourimetric value, and the result would be smooth graphics under all lighting conditions without gaps or distortion when the device is flat.

First spotted by us, the patent was filed by Microsoft in 2018 and published by USPTO on July 9, 2019. The patent explains a technique that determines a colourimetric value from colour measurements for multiple ambient colour sensors which for each colour measurement.

Microsoft dual-screen patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

It can also select a lighting cluster similar to the colour measurement and determine whether the colour measurement is valid or invalid based on a calculated similarity between the colour measurement and the selected lighting cluster. After the selection, the system would be able to calculate a weight for the colour measurement for combination as well.

Dual-screen device patent
Image Courtesy: USPTO / Microsoft

Microsoft has more details in the patent description:

“The proximity sensor is configured to detect the presence of nearby objects without physical contact. For example, the proximity sensor may be used to detect the presence and/or proximity of a user of the electronic device, and/or may be used to detect the presence and/or proximity of an object that obstructs receipt of the ambient light. The first opening, second opening, and/or third opening may each have a circular shape, a square shape, a shape with curved and/or straight edges, or any other suitable shape. The first opening, second opening, and/or third opening may be combined, such as to provide a single opening for multiple sensors.

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