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Earlier this year, a rumour claimed that Windows 10 19H2 (Fall 2019 Update) could end up being a small update with not too many big changes. Microsoft not shipping any preview builds of Windows 10 19H2 seems to indicate this is the case. On the other hand, Windows 10 20H1 is expected to be a big release with several new features and improvements.

Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley expects that Windows 10 19H2 update will not come with tons of new features. It is likely to become more of a service pack for Windows 10 19H1 (May 2019 Update).

“I think it really will be mostly like a service pack for 19H1. and rumor is if there are any new features they might be turned off by default,” she said wrote in another tweet.

The latest preview builds that Microsoft shipped to Insiders is of Windows 20H1 update. Windows 10 Fall 2019 Update, officially codenamed 19H2, is still nowhere to be seen and it is supposed to be finalized in September or October for late 2019 release.

Microsoft’s Brandon LeBlanc believes that the company still has plenty of time to test the fall-2019 update. He also noted that Microsoft will share more details of the next Windows 10 update soon and release timelines cannot be speculated right now.

“There will be plenty of time to test 19H2. We get a lot of value out of the Slow ring. You shouldn’t worry – this will all play out and we’ll communicate the details once we’ve locked on them. Important not to put artificial timelines on these things,” he wrote in a tweet.

Windows 10 19H2 builds will be released to Slow Ring Insiders soon and Microsoft will use Fast Ring to test the next year’s Windows 10 release.

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