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Microsoft recently launched Chromium-based Edge Insider browser on Windows PCs and the company has confirmed that the browser is also coming soon to macOS. In addition to making the browser available for more testers, Microsoft is also testing various new features for Edge behind the scenes.

At Build 2019 slideshow, Microsoft teased multiple major improvements for Edge browser, including support for smooth scrolling and better integration with Windows 10 hardware.

The company also highlighted the small new features that would debut in Edge at some point in the future. For example, full support for dark theme, new features for the PDF reader. Microsoft is also working on a share button, as well as integrated spell checking system powered by Microsoft Translator and an option to clear data on exit.

Upcoming Microsoft Edge features:

  • Dark theme
  • Support for more languages.
  • Smooth Scrolling.
  • Ability to turn off newsfeed.
  • PDF Features.
  • Reading view (done).
  • Reading list.
  • Spell check.
  • Show favourites icons only.
  • Favourites bar off on NTP (done).
  • Share button.
  • Clear browsing data on exit.

Microsoft re-thinking about classic Edge features like set aside tabs, tab previews, ink notes and favourites hub button. Microsoft also says these features are evolving, but it’s not clear when and if Edge will get these functionalities.

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