Windows 10 updates

Yesterday, we reported that Windows Update is experiencing issues where the Windows 10 devices could not connect to the servers. The reports revealed that some users with certain internet connection are unable to check for updates in Windows 10. It also revealed that Microsoft Store (Windows Store) is broken and users cannot download or updates the apps and games.

When the users are checking for updates on their Windows 10 PCs, they are greeted with an error that says the system couldn’t connect to the update service.

“We’ll continue to check daily for newer updates. We couldn’t connect to the update service. We’ll try again later, or you can check now. If it still doesn’t work, make sure that you’re connected to the Internet,” the error reads.

Some users claimed that it is a problem caused by DNS settings offered by certain ISPs and Windows Update service can be restored by modifying the DNS to use Google DNS or Cloudflare’s. It’s not known what caused this issue, but changing the DNS settings does help in some cases.

Windows Update service error
Image Courtesy: Barb Bowman

It appears that the software giant is aware of the problems with Windows Update and Microsoft has acknowledged it in a Reddit post. Microsoft says that they are investigating the reports and more information will be shared soon.

“Microsoft is aware of this issue and is investigating. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available,” a Microsoft’s software engineer confirmed the reports in a Reddit post.

As Microsoft is already looking into the reported issues, it is likely that the Windows Update service will be restored sooner than expected.

  • Sankarasubramanian subbier

    Yes the issue is there.

    I operate 3 computers.
    One Dell purchased in India around 2008 or 2009.
    Second ASUS purchased in USA about 3 years back.
    Third Dell made and purchased in India very recently.

    I have been reading the net a 1000 times for a solution.

    The latest third one is still having issues.

    After hectic trials in many many many ways, the made in USA ASUS, my second computer updated to 1809 first.

    Same way I kept trying for first one. It failed again. And again

    I decided to download the full 1809 in an USB and install through boot route.

    As everyone was telling different ways of doing it, it kept failing and I rushed backwards.

    However after my Nth attempt, I updated, but I opted for deleting all apps etc, retaining my data. The second option that was available in the process.

    However now this OLD laptop has been AWARDED with a new name by MS, and touch pad partially changed in its method of operation

    Another issue is, it does not allow me to see, read, delete, alter etc a FEW FILES THAT ARE MY OWN!

    I am wondering what to do?

    The third new own made in India I am leaving it to MICRISOFT, DELL and of course, GOD.

    Who else can help me?
    You are welcome.