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Windows 10 April 2019 Update introduces several new features and improvements such as the new light theme experience, Windows Sandbox, Reserved Storage, Start refinements and more.

It looks like Microsoft is also preparing improvements for Windows 10 version 1903’s setup experience. In the latest webcast, Microsoft highlighted the improvements that the company has planned for the installation experience.

Windows 10’s current setup screen is not user-friendly and users who are not tech savvy may not able to understand the information that the screen displays. Microsoft plans to update the setup experience and make error reporting much more straightforward.

Windows 10 RS5 Setup
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

A new Windows 10 update on certain PCs could be blocked by software and driver compatibility bugs. Microsoft displays the errors in Windows 10 setup screen, but the message is very generic which isn’t helpful for users, especially for beginners and those who are not very tech savvy.

The company is planning to make a series of improvements to the screen displayed when you install a Windows 10 upgrade manually.

Windows 10 19H1 Setup
Image Courtesy: Microsoft

Microsoft has acknowledged the following problems with the current Windows 10 setup experience:

  • Users would often get to a setup block and not know what to do afterwards.
  • The current messaging is generic and it does not help a user understand how to get unblocked if possible).

Microsoft plans to provide users with actionable features within the dialog box.

  • There is a place where users can go to learn more about their issue.
  • Ensure the associated KB is linked to the ‘Learn More’ link.
  • Enabling users the ability to =install or upgrade an application, if applicable.

The changes are expected to arrive with Windows 10 April 2019 Update which is supposed to launch in April 2019.

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