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Microsoft is still committed to its digital assistant Cortana and the company is exploring new ways to improve the communication experience.

Microsoft has filed a patent which suggests that the company is working on making it easier for customers to use the digital assistant in public.

Users generally find themselves in an awkward situation when trying to use the digital assistant in public. To avoid such scenarios, Microsoft is working on a Silent voice Input technology which helps users to send voice commands just by whispering or bringing the device close to the mouth.

The new technology could well be used on phones, smartwatches and other devices or non Microsoft products also. By placing the microphone or appartus close to user’s mouth with small gap between mouth and the microphone the digital assistant is able to capture stable utterance signal with small voice leakage.

Microsoft assistant patent
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“Compared with conventional voice input solutions which are based on normal speech or whispering that use egressive (breathing-out) airflow while speaking, the proposed “silent” voice input method is performed by using opposite (ingressive or breathing-in) airflow while speaking,” the patent reads.

We are currently not sure as to when the technology will be implemented since its at the patent stage and whether it will reach to the public.