Microsoft building
Image Courtesy: CNET

Recently it was reported that Microsoft has overtaken the other tech giants – Apple, Amazon and Google’s parent company Alphabet in terms of market value.

Some reports revealed that Apple has lowered production and the demand for the new iPhone XR was lower than expected in Japan. The negative press apparently reduced the market value of Apple by a great extent. In addition, Apple also revealed that starting with Q1 2019, the Cupertino-based tech giant will no longer share how many units are sold.

The people familiar with the matter believe that it is an indication that sales were going to be flat for the foreseeable future.

As Apple’s market value has dropped, Microsoft has managed to outperform Apple to secure the rank of the most valuable US company again.

As of December 31, Microsoft’s market capital value is 781.74 B. The market value of Apple is 745.09 B and Amazon holds 718.72 B market value.

In 2019, Microsoft is could become one of the next companies worth more than $1 trillion, but at this point, it’s not known when the software giant will secure the position. It also remains to be seen whether or not Apple will make a comeback and compete with Microsoft for the $1 trillion mark again.