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Microsoft today confirmed that the software giant is reworking its Edge browser so that it will be based on the Chromium open source project and use Blink rendering engine which powers highly-used web browsers like Google Chrome.

Microsoft is recreating the Edge browser under the same brand and similar features for better web compatibility and to support the web community.

In another post, Microsoft has detailed what it intends to do by contributing to the Chromium open source community. Microsoft’s decision to contribute to Chromium project is apparently going to make the Chromium powered web browsers better.

“We will offer our Windows platform expertise to improve the experience of all Chromium-based browsers on Windows,” Microsoft Edge team explains.

“As part of this, we hope and intend to become a significant contributor to Chromium, in a way that can make not just Microsoft Edge—but other browsers as well—better on both PCs and other devices. We’ve written down our “OSS Principles for Microsoft Edge” below and “What Happens Next” to clearly outline our approach to contributions,” the company explains.

In the coming months, the users can expect Chromium powered browsers such as Chrome to run better on Windows 10 devices.

Microsoft Edge is also going to get better after moving to the new configuration. Windows 10’s default web browser will render web pages faster, become compatible with all web pages, offer better battery backup and touch support.

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