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Last month, Microsoft confirmed that the company is retiring the classic version of Skype on September 1, and as part of its efforts to convince users to update before the September 1 deadline, the company today announced that it may bring back the compact view (split view) to the Skype app.

The new design of Skype is simple and easy to understand but this has drawn a flurry of criticism from power-users.

In a post on the company’s forum, Microsoft has announced that highly-requested compact mode aka split view could return in Skype but it depends on the feedback from the users. Microsoft says that it has created few split window concepts and on the basis of the feedback, it may finalize one concept as the final design for the Skype app.

New Skype app

“I’m a program manager on the Skype team. Thank you for sending your feedback about this feature. We have heard your feedback about missing the split window mode (aka compact mode) in Skype on Windows. We’re working on bringing this capability back into our new experience. We’d like to your feedback on a few split window concepts so that we build the best experience into future versions of Skype,” Microsoft’s Angela Chin said in a public post on Microsoft forums.

It goes without saying that Microsoft is fully committed to a better experience on Skype and the company is also listening to the users feedback.

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