Surface Hub 2 and Windows Core OS
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Microsoft is reportedly working on a revolutionary version of Windows 10, codenamed Windows Core OS, that will take a modular approach to computing. Windows Core OS is supposed to use CShell, an entirely new graphical user interface to allow Microsoft to scale Windows 10 to a variety of devices, such as smartphones, tablets and desktops.

Microsoft enthusiast, watcher and developer Tero Alhonen recently spotted a reference to Windows Core Device Family in latest SDK of Windows 10. Tero explains that the definition is new and it’s from the SDK Build 17723.

The term could be a reference to Windows Core OS devices such as the long rumoured Microsoft Andromeda and the Surface Hub 2.

Windows Core OS

Windows Core OS will act as a base for all future Windows iterations. For example, the Andromeda OS will be the version used in mobile devices and Polaris could be the one you run on your desktop or laptop and it will ditch traditional desktop applications for a modular approach.

The idea behind Windows Core OS is to turn Microsoft’s ageing Windows platform into something more secure, less resource intensive, and it power-efficient.

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