Groove Music concept
Image Courtesy: Claudio Guglieri

Even after losing its Groove Music Pass features, Microsoft’s music app remains a great solution for playing music from local storage and OneDrive on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile.

Microsoft used to have bigger plans for Groove Music on Windows 10 before killing the music store and music pass. Claudio Guglieri, former Creative Director at Microsoft, recently posted a concept of Groove Music that he and his team created while driving the Music team at Microsoft.

As you can see in the photo gallery below, the UI of Groove Music is substantially better with these small tweaks, mostly thanks to the Fluent Design and separated browsing experience from the music player. This concept is offering a modern look instead of the typical Fluent Design blur implementation.

“These are some of the Music Player explorations I did while driving the Music team at Microsoft. I still dig the idea of separating the browsing experience from the player and all the interactions and usability improvements that would allow for,” the designer said in a post.

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