Windows 10 Mobile updates
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Microsoft is today rolling out new cumulative updates for all supported versions of Windows operating system. The company earlier today released new updates for Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 computers. The software giant is also rolling out a new update for Windows 10 Mobile devices.

The latest cumulative update for Windows 10 Mobile Fall Creators Update (feature2) comes with unknown changes and general bug fixes. It advances Windows 10 Mobile operating system to Build 15254.490.

Microsoft hasn’t published the changelog of Windows 10 Mobile Build¬†15254.490 yet but it appears that with today’s patch, the software giant is shipping security updates to¬†Microsoft Edge, Windows apps and Windows graphics on mobile devices.

We assume that the build 15254.490 for Windows 10 Mobile comes with general bug fixes and it improves the overall performance.

Last year Microsoft Corporate Vice President for Windows, Joe Belfiore, said in a series of tweets that Windows 10 Mobile is no longer the company’s focus but it’ll continue to receive security updates once a month.

At that time, Belfiore said that Microsoft attempted to fix Windows Phone’s biggest problem namely the unavailability of several popular apps, but its attempts never materialised.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a new “mobile” device codenamed Andromeda, that will launch next year with Windows Core OS, a modular version of Windows 10.

  • geza sautek

    Thank you.

  • Jorge Roman

    Thank you but we want to Cshell

  • So the version is bumped to the latest insider version which is already almost a year old…

    • Joy Adeniran

      You mean?

  • Kelazh

    It’s working fine on my Lumia 635 thanks Microsoft were still in the game.

    • Mel & Omah

      Does Cortana and Voice to text work on yours?

      • Kelazh

        Yes Cortana works when I ask what’s the current temperature that’s for the most part voice to text is fine

    • kihoo

      Oh realy on my 950 horrible.
      Ms in the game ha ha ha.
      Ms in the shit on India street!

      • Kelazh

        Sorry your having such a horrible experience

  • Ramesh Sharma

    I think the desktop view bug is now fixed..

  • cornz

    Is the alarm clock bug fixed in this release?
    I guess i’ll find out tomorrow morning when I’m late for work again.

  • Amin Khan

    how to install this update on lumia 1520

  • Mel & Omah

    I have a 635 and a 640, both with .490. My voice to text is broken on both, pretty sure it’s Cortana’s fault.
    In the car over BT, my texts are read to me, but I cannot respond. When I use the Cortana app, I get “Sorry, can’t hear anything”. Phones and other apps that use the mic work fine, so it’s not hardware. Any hints?

  • 2gmbr HVO

    so im running 1020 2018 on win 10 still . .
    NOKIA rulz