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Microsoft filed a patent titled “Detecting Cheating in Games with Machine Learning” in May 2017 and it has been published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on June 28. The patent explains a tech that the company could use to detect cheating in video and it’s powered by machine learning.

The patent suggests that Microsoft would be using machine learning to detect cheating in video games, rather than using anti-cheat programs. It apparently applies to the gaming platform, but it’s likely this tech will make its way onto Windows 10, too.

What’s more important to note is that the patent has not yet been approved or rejected.

The technology is powered by machine learning so Microsoft would be looking at player behaviour to determine whether or not they are playing legitimately.

“Examples are disclosed that relate to detecting cheating at a game platform level using machine learning techniques. One example provides a computing system comprising a logic subsystem and a data-holding subsystem. The data-holding subsystem comprises instructions executable by the logic subsystem to receive notifications related to user progress in a game provided by the game to the online game platform, apply a classifying function to classify the user progress in the game as normal or outlying based upon the notifications, if the progress is classified as outlying then taking an action in response to the outlying classification, and if the progress is not classified as outlying then not taking the action,” the patent reads.

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