Windows 95 concept
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Back in the ‘90s, it wasn’t easy to create an operating system. Microsoft had to spend quite a lot of time trying to make the right pick for the Windows 95, for example, the company invested both money and time to create a perfect startup sound that was supposed to make Windows easily recognizable.

Windows 95 made working on a computer with a mouse and keyboard a lot easier, and it paved the road for a new computing experience that’s still being used.

Codenamed Chicago, Windows 95 was the first major release in Microsoft’s desktop operating system lineup. The consumer-oriented Windows 95 operating system was released on August 24, 1995, and it merged MS-DOS and Windows products. It’s worth mentioning that the Windows 95 UI was based on the desktop, and it was the first OS to come with a modern Start menu.

File Explorer in Windows 95 concept
Image Courtesy: Avdan

Windows 95 featured a new graphical user interface (GUI), and the new concept has reimagined the interface.

One YouTuber has put a short video mockup of what a 2018 version of Windows 95 might look like. With complete modern features, Windows 95 looks stunning in this concept.

YouTube video

The concept titled “Windows 95 — 2018 Edition” reimagines the old operating system, and while the modern version still has an old look, but the colours, lock screen, Edge and other UI changes make all the difference.

The Start menu is still grey, and there are two desktops to choose from. You can watch the conceptual video to learn more.

Windows 95 concept of start menu
Image Courtesy: Avdan

Microsoft created a whole new craze ahead of its product’s debut, and the company even had a midnight party that allowed people to purchase the new operating system. As part of the company’s beta program, the customers were allowed try out Windows 95 for only $19.95.

Microsoft invested heavily into making Windows 95 a hit. From software to marketing, the company’s huge investment played a key part in the strategy.

Microsoft retired Windows 95 on December 31, 2001, at a time when Windows XP was becoming increasingly popular.

Microsoft is now working on Windows 10, and the most recent version of the operating system is also based on Windows 95, for example, the Start menu still exists in Windows 10 after getting wiped in Windows 8.

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