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Earlier this year, Microsoft announced S Mode for Windows 10 and phased out Windows 10 S. The “S” doesn’t stand for anything in particular, but Microsoft says Windows 10 in S Mode is streamlined for simplicity, security and speed. Windows 10 in S Mode only allows the installation of apps from Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store).

Windows 10 in S Mode basically restricts the use of Win32 software. It’s designed for low-end devices in the education market, and Microsoft is still committed to the project.

Microsoft is readying a feature called Switch to S Mode. The company is still working on Switch to S Mode feature and it will launch with Windows 10 Redstone 5. It would allow you to easily switch to the S Mode from the Settings app.

As noted above, it’s a seamless process so you will be able to enable it with a few taps. You can switch to Windows 10 S by following the on-screen instructions in the settings app. The feature is already available in Windows 10 Build 17686, the most recent preview of Windows 10. The S Mode will likely be a feature of the Redstone 5 update due in the fall.

Microsoft is still testing the feature, and while you can find the settings for S mode, it doesn’t work and redirects to the activation page.

It appears that the process of enabling and disabling Windows 10 S Mode would be very seamless, which means that you can also disable the feature and easily boot to the full operating system. In other words, Microsoft could allow users to go both ways, you can return back to full Windows 10 without reinstalling the OS manually.

It’s worth noting that you can still enable S Mode in Windows 10 April 2018 Update, but the process is not easy and to go back, you would need to re-install the operating system using an image.

Windows 10 S Mode will get convenient and straightforward with Redstone 5 update. Microsoft is still working on S Mode, and it will continue to evolve in Windows 10, as further improvements are also planned.

Microsoft is expected to launch Windows 10 Redstone 5 in October, so by the time it gets the green light for the public, more changes will make their way to the OS in this regard.

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