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A new report today confirmed that world’s number one software firm Microsoft has agreed to acquire GitHub, a platform that’s specifically aimed at developers. Github is one largest host of source code in the world, and a report in 2017 had revealed that the platform hosts more than 57 million repositories, and it has 20 million users.

GitHub is another popular company that might end up being acquired by Microsoft, and it’s apparently going to help both, the software giant and GitHub.

If the report is believed to be true, Microsoft could announce the acquisition of Github on Monday, so we don’t have to wait too long to get a better idea of the software giant’s plans. Interestingly, GitHub chose Microsoft because of Satya Nadella.

GitHub is free to use for public and open source projects, but the company also offers affordable paid plans for developers and businesses. It starts at just $7. GitHub is popular because it allows developers to store code for their projects and engage or collaborate with the largest community.

A report from CNBC recently revealed Microsoft and GitHub have been discussing several options including a possible investment or a full acquisition.

A couple of months ago, CEO and founder Chris Wanstrath left the company. GitHub is currently undergoing an internal reorganization.

It apparently makes sense for Microsoft to acquire Github given that Windows Store is struggling because of the app gap. The company has been trying hard to convince developers to compile their apps for Windows 10 devices that powers close to 700 million devices.

GitHub could help Microsoft expand its relationship with developers, and it’ll also make it easier for Microsoft to get in touch with developers and convince them to build apps for Windows 10.

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