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When Microsoft launched Windows 10 it has started with releasing its updates with specific codenames for each year. The company started with Threshold as the first major update which was released in July 2015 and then the second update was named as Threshold 2 for the November 2015 update.

Later on next year the company started releasing builds with codenames like Anniversary Update (Redstone), Creators (Redstone 2) and then Fall Creators update (Redstone 3) respectively. The next major update which the company is expected to release will be called as Spring Creators Update in April 2018 which is internally known as Redstone 4.

The company is already working on another new update which it is expected to release in the month of November 2018 which is internally referred to as Redstone 5. The codename Redstone 5 could be the last codename which will be seeing the light of the day, since Microsoft is now planning to release updates with a different name for updates released in 2019.

The updates to be released next year are expected to get the name 19H1, 19H2 and so on, wherein 19 reflects the year the update is released and H1 will reflect the first half of the year, meaning the update to be released in March 2019 would hence be called as 19H1 and the update to be released in November 2019 is expected to be codenamed as 19H2.

We are currently not sure what made the Redmond Giant to change the codenames for the updates to be released next year. But we expect an official announcement from the company during the development and release of the company’s second major update for 2018 ala Redstone 5.

The above codenames will be the internal codenames as we expect the builds that will be released will carry the actual version numbers after being installed on the PCs. We will  however be updating this article once we have more info on the reason behind the change of the names. Do let us know your thoughts about the decision taken by Microsoft in the comments below.