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Skype recently had a security issue so Microsoft prevented users from installing the app. This was obviously not well received by the users since the UWP version of Skype is hated by a lot owing to the fact that it is nowhere near powerful as the classic Skype app. Also, those people who still use Windows 7 or earlier versions do not have any other option other than the Skype desktop app.

Skype desktop app for Windows is back

Microsoft has now fixed the security issue and Skype is now available to download. The version number of the updated app is 7.41 and can be downloaded from the Skype website.

Microsoft has introduced new design languages to all its apps including Skype for Windows 10 and also for Skype on other platforms like Android and iOS. These cross-platform apps receive consistent updates with bug fixes and new features. However, power-users who like to use Skype on their PC prefer the Win32 app which has better support for advanced notifications and multiple windows.

Microsoft has been working hard on making Skype better since there is a lot of competition from many players now and Skype is slowly losing ground to the likes of WhatsApp and other popular apps. But as opposed to these new players, Skype has a long trust relationship with people as it has been around here for a while now. Skype was launched way back in 2003 and was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion.

Microsoft is now all in for the development of apps running on the Universal Windows Platform so the chances of the classic Skype app getting new features is minimal. But this wouldn’t be a problem if Microsoft fixes all the problems that the users face in the UWP app so that it would be as much reliable as the classic Skype app. But this desktop app for Skype is now supported for only Windows 7 and higher versions.

Those of you who still love using classic legacy apps can download Skype from here.

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