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Microsoft had announced at Build 2017 that Apple will be bringing their iTunes software to Windows Store at the end of last year. But unfortunately, like many Apple’s projects for Windows operating system in the past, this also didn’t happen last year and got postponed. But we confirmed in a report that Apple is currently working on optimizing the iTunes for its Store version.

Today more information regarding iTunes for Windows Store has surfaced on Reddit via an AppleCare advisor who informed the community that it may have been published in the Store and would very soon be available for Windows 10 users. Another interesting thing mentioned by him is that iTunes will automatically detect any previous installations during its first launch.

So if you are currently using the iTunes desktop Win32 app the Store version of the app would migrate necessary data like the libraries, iOS backups. Hence making the transition to this app from the desktop app a lot smoother and without any hiccups at all. This app would be not a Universal Windows Platform app rather it is made from the desktop version of the app using Microsoft desktop bridge (Project Centennial).

Even though having a UWP app on Windows Store would have made Apple enabling many native features of UWP apps like the Live Tiles, Taskbar badge etc. very easily but having iTunes in Store is in itself a great boost for Microsoft vision of ultimately having either UWP apps on the Store or bring the Win32 apps on Store using the desktop bridge.

Having iTunes on Store would allow Apple to update it easily via the Windows Store automatic updates service. We will inform our readers about the availability of iTunes on Windows Store as soon as Apple officially informs about its availability on Store.

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