Windows 10 KB4088776

Windows 10 KB4088776 is available for all devices running the latest Fall Creators Update (version 1709). While the cumulative updates are supposed to fix the issues reported by the users, the latest Build 16299.309 appears to be causing more harm than good. Microsoft’s March 2018 patch Tuesday update fails to install on some computers, with users reporting about an error message displayed on their screen.

Windows 10 KB4088776 throws error 0x80070002, and the system restores to the previous version of the operating system after undoing the changes. Windows 10 KB4088776 0x80070002 error is appearing on some computers regardless of the hardware configuration.

The affected device would reboot and then it starts downloading the update one more time. While for some users, Windows 10 KB4088776 won’t install at all and the system would not display any error message. It’s not exactly clear what’s stopping the system from upgrading to the latest version of Windows 10.

It’s worth noting that the clean installation of Windows 10 would not help, as KB4088776 will still fail to install. Microsoft is yet to acknowledge the bug, and if the bug is affecting a lot of users, you can expect a hotfix to arrive sooner than expected.

March 2018 cumulative update for Windows 10 fixes a lot of bugs, for example, Microsoft has fixed the issues with Edge browser and Internet Explorer. This update is only available for Fall Creators Update, also known as version 1709.

Windows 10 Build 16299.309 brings a series of security and non-security fixes, along with performance improvement. The software giant has also fixed an issue where the Windows Mixed Reality Portal would fail to launch, the company says “We couldn’t download the Windows Mixed Reality Software” error has been fixed.

Windows Update might report that your PC failed to install the updates, but you can manually cross-verify the bug by checking OS build number, located in Settings -> System -> About.

  • pege63

    Worked fine here!

  • calico51

    Says it requires a restart to finish installing. I’ve restarted several times and the message still appears.

  • krann Sock

    Worked on my Desktop PC, didn’t work on my Laptop after installing Windows 10 Pro from scratch and doing nothing else than downloading updates. Stuck in a loop of installing/rebooting/downloading/installing/rebooting…

  • Giacomo

    Same here, cannot install on my Surface 3.
    I tried both through Windows Update, and MS Catalog offline installation.
    I always get the error 0x80071ab0.

  • ThorAxe

    The update fails to install on my Gaming PC and undoes the changes with every restart. Even a manual download of the update had the same result.

  • Fuck Microsoft. This update was a nightmare for me and had me reinstall my windows 4 times. Even after reinstalling the whole OS, it was not getting installed and after every attempt to install it, it slowed down my pc like hell and I was very frustrated. So finally I used my geek skills and made it. I know I’m better than the MS techs and I’m so happy that I made it, yeah.

  • Jonni_Kennito

    I had the same damn thing happen to me. I searched high and low for a solution that didn’t require a fresh installation…. I’m sick of reinstalling windows because of crap update errors…. I ended up using the following solution.