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After Launching Windows 10 Microsoft soon released the Project Centennial which helps the developers of the existing .Net and Win 32 apps to bring them to the Universal Windows Platform of Windows 10. The biggest advantage for these Projects Centennial apps is that they are available for installation from Microsoft Store app.

This also means that these apps also supports all the native features offered by the UWP apps like Live Tiles, Notifications, Fluent Design etc. In the past few months, we have seen a number of older Win32 apps being available on the Microsoft Store via the project Centennial bridge. Now the team behind the desktop app of NotePad++ has also brought their Win32 app to the Windows Store.

NotePad++ app on Microsoft Store has clearly mentioned in the app description that this is the centennial version of NotePad++ on desktops. The first version of the app has been numbered and available on Windows Store. It offers all the features offered by the desktop app. All the Codes and changes can be located at the Github site here.

We have already seen Microsoft launching the Project Centennial version of the office suite of apps like Word, Powerpoint, Excel for Windows 10 S users when they launched the Microsoft Surface Laptop after Build 2017 hardware event. And Last month we saw Amazon Music app was also made available for download from the Microsoft Store which itself was a Project Centennial app.

Paint.Net, Affinity Photo and Designer app, Movie Edit Pro and Slack are some of the popular apps that made their way into the Store via Project Centennial bridge. More and more devs are now porting their existing win32 apps to the Windows 10 Store using Microsoft’s Project Centennial. And Without a doubt, Microsoft is also trying to bring as many devs to bring their app to the Microsoft store.

You can install the NotePad++ from the Windows Store here.

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