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We all know that Microsoft offers points through their Microsoft Rewards program for using their search engine, online stores, and various other services. Microsoft Rewards has been available in many countries like the United States, UK, Australia, France, Germany, and Canada. Except for the United States, Microsoft Rewards has been made available to those countries for less than a year.

Recently Microsoft rewards program was brought to the users of Italy and now it looks that like that Microsoft is trying to expand there Microsoft reward program for more European countries. Microsoft is now expanding their Rewards program into the Netherlands.

Microsoft reward gives users points that can be redeemed for discount on Microsoft stores or you can get free games, music, movies, and even you can get Xbox (6000 points for XBox Live Membership or Windows gift cards( which costs 5,850 points). The various ways by which you can earn points in the Microsoft Rewards program are given below:

  • you can use Microsoft Bing search engine for searching
  • you can install Microsoft apps on various platforms
  • you can shop through Microsoft online store and earn.

Another advantage that Microsoft offers on being part of this program is that you can also get some exclusive offers and product announcements from Microsoft. Microsoft Rewards was also launched for India about a year ago but was later removed by Microsoft India because of its lack of success there.

Microsoft also allows Rewards users to convert their points into charity donations. It’s really good for users as they need not put some extra efforts rather continue doing their day to day activities and just using Microsoft Services to earn these reward points. So users of Netherlands can now check the Microsoft Rewards program website here and just sign up and start surfing through Bing.

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