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Microsoft released Windows 10 to the public back in July of 2015 and since then the users were forced to update to this newer version. This caused a lot of opposition from the users who wanted to stay with their older versions of Windows and they eventually blocked getting Windows 10 updates.

Microsoft gives users the option to stop getting Windows 10 updates so that the updates will not be downloaded and installed automatically without the knowledge of the users. But even after enabling this option, some users of the Anniversary and Creators update recently faced an issue which forced their PCs to upgrade itself to the Fall Creators Update.

Now Microsoft has given an official response to this issue and they have admitted that they are aware of the fact that some PCs received the update notification. Microsoft explains that this issue was already fixed.

“Microsoft is aware that this notification was incorrectly delivered to some Windows 10 Version 1703 devices that had a user-defined feature update deferral period configured. Microsoft mitigated this issue on March 8, 2018.”

The users who got their PCs updated because of this issue can switch back to an earlier version of Windows within 10 days after the update has been installed. To switch back, open Settings go to Update & Security, click on Recovery and click Get started from Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.

Microsoft gave update notifications to users of older versions of Windows 10 like the Anniversary Update and Creators Update. Microsoft says that they enabled the notification to urge the users to update their devices to a newer version so that they may not face any security threats. But the problem occurred when users who blocked updates started getting updates.

Microsoft will soon release the next Windows 10 Update which will likely be called the  Spring Creators Update and they would want all the users to be in the latest version of Windows which in some way explains this behavior Microsoft showed.

While some users prefer updates to be blocked and always stay in an older version of Windows, we recommend upgrading to the newest version so that users can enjoy the new features and also keep their devices from any security threats.

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