One of the most popular games, Subway Surfers has been discontinued for Windows 10 Mobile. The endless runner game always had been one of the few games which maintained a good support on the platform with timely updates.

Unfortunately, with Microsoft announcing the death Windows 10 Mobile, apps are starting to drop out from the Store at a fast rate. Kiloo, the developer behind Subway Surfers also blames Microsoft for killing off the platform. The app last received an update a few months back and since then the game has not received the monthly updates like the other platforms. has received an official response from the game developers, which somewhat goes like this,

Hi Frank,

Thanks for being a loyal player on the Windows platform!

Unfortunately, Cairo is the latest update for Subway Surfers on the platform. You can keep enjoying the game, but we are not releasing further updates, due to the development plans of the platform owner.

Best Regards, 


Though disappointing, it was not completely unexpected. Microsoft has all but killed off the Windows 10 Mobile, with only monthly security updates guaranteed till 2019. Users can still download and play the game, but further updates are not coming.

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