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Last year at Build 2017, Microsoft had announced a new version of Windows 10 that was called Windows 10 S. It was built by Microsoft to challenge Google’s Chrome OS in the Education market. Windows 10 S was a cut down version of Windows 10 that allowed only those apps which were installed from the Microsoft Store app. It was fast and light in comparison with Windows 10 full version.

A month ago Microsoft stopped releasing Windows 10 S SKU and then some reports had suggested that Microsoft will be creating Windows 10 S a mode for Windows 10 rather than having a separate version. And now Joe Belfiore has confirmed that Windows 10 would have S mode in future that will give OEMs choice to select the S mode by default specifically for devices aimed for education market. With this change in Windows 10, users can switch between these versions very easily and that too free of charge.

Earlier, Microsoft allowed users to upgrade to Windows 10 pro from Windows 10 S for free for a year and $50 after 1 year. Upgrading to Pro meant users could install Win32 apps from anywhere without any restrictions of Windows Store apps. Technically Windows 10 S was the most secure version of Windows 10 because Windows Store apps did not come with any harmful malwares which could be attached by hackers to any Win32 apps thus making you devices susceptible to any breakdown or data breach.

This decision looks like a good one as having a different version didn’t made any sense as the hardware that came for Windows 10 S were made for running full Windows 10 in case user upgrades.  Microsoft themselves brought a new premium hardware for Windows 10 S like the last year’s Surface Laptop and other cheaper devices from other OEMs with starting at $200. With Windows 10 S Microsoft were able to improve their position in Education market slightly.

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