iTunes Store will no longer be supported on Windows XP and Vista from 25th May

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It was just a year ago when Microsoft announced the end of extended support for Windows Vista following Windows XP 4 years ago!

Today, Apple announced several security changes to the iTunes Store. Windows PCs running Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be able to use the iTunes Store. However, if you already have iTunes installed, you can continue using it without Apple’s support. But there’s a catch. You won’t be able to make new purchases or redownload previous purchases on that PC.

As of 25th May, you’ll require Windows 7 or later with the latest version of iTunes to make purchases from the iTunes Store and redownload previous purchases. The latest version of iTunes Store can be downloaded from Apple’s website.

This might be something to do with the announcement of iTunes for the Microsoft Store. Last year at Build, Microsoft announced that iTunes will be coming to the Microsoft Store by the end of 2017. But that never happened. However, the release might just be around the corner.

We have recently spotted an interesting clue about the Microsoft Store app in the new iTunes update. iTunes version 12.7.3 introduces a new library named “iTunesUWP.dll”. This mysterious file could be a software component that integrates with UWP. How well does Apple take advantages of Microsoft ecosystem? That’s yet to see. But there are possibilities where Apple could include a subscription-based billing for Apple Music, among many other things.

Once iTunes makes it to the Microsoft Store, Windows 10 S (or S-Mode) users will also be able to install the app. This would eventually benefit the enterprise as well as Microsoft’s new strategy to compete with Chrome OS.

This new component hints that the release might just be around the corner, but there might be further delays as neither Microsoft nor Apple has announced anything about the release yet.

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