Amazon Music

The Amazon Music is finally available for download from the Windows Store. According to a blog post from Microsoft, the app is now available in a selected few countries for downlaod.

Amazon Music is a popular music streaming service. Using the app, you can stream music from millions of popular songs and curated playlists. Amazon Prime members can also enjoy an ad-free experience with some more added benefits. The app will also double as a music player and can play locally stored music files on your PC.

Unsurprisingly, the app is bridge of the already available client using the Centennial Bridge. Thus, there’s no chance of it being available for Mobile, Xbox or ARM based devices for now. Interestingly the app supports an adjustable live tile, but that’s all.

The death of Groove Music has created a void that has yet to be filled. Though Microsoft recommends users to move to Spotify, the experience is not quite enjoyable. The addition of Amazon Music is indeed a welcome move, but will it be able to take the place of Groove? Time will tell.

You can download the Amazon Music app from the link below. Please note that the app will only work for Windows 10 PCs running Anniversary Update or higher.

Amazon Music for Windows 10

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