Skype for Windows 10 Mobile
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Microsoft-owned Skype messaging platform is experiencing a worldwide outage and the application login system also appears to be broken. The users on Microsoft community claims that it’s not possible to use or login Skype in some countries, the issue appears to be affecting a number of users, though only vague information is available now.

According to the Skype Status page, the messaging app is only experiencing login issues, while the other features should be working fine. DownDetector also confirmed that Skype is facing technical issues, it appears to be a backend problem.

Microsoft is aware of this bug and the engineers are actively investigating. If you are currently able to send and receive messages on Skype, we advise you to stay logged in as you could also experience similar problems. It’s also worth noting that Microsoft announced an update about this bug titled ‘limited service of the messaging application’.

It appears that there’s yet another bug where sending text messages and starting video calls is no longer possible. In other words, some logged out users cannot sign into Skype and logged out users won’t be able to operate the messaging service.

Fix Skype signing issues

  • Use web browser (such as Edge, Chrome or Firefox) to access And login with the affected account.
  • Set password as login on the authenticator page.
  • Open Skype Windows 10 app and you should be able to login.

“Some users might be experiencing problems when signing in to Skype. There might be error messages about connection issues or incorrect credentials,” Microsoft said on Skype Status page.

  • satyan

    I don’t know what good Skype acquisition has done to Microsoft, it at all!

  • Anonymous

    Win10m skype always had notification receiving issue n when playing Spotify with Bluetooth it’s stop playing when opening skype……

  • Shreekanth Murali

    This looks happening for weeks . We had same issue and opening some ports in firewall is fixing the issue. Use procmon or procexplorer to identify the new tcp up port and open those in your network firewall.