Dell Mobile Connect
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Dell recently introduced Windows 10 ‘Continuum’ like feature called Mobile Connect at CES 2018. The Mobile Connect app comes with the new laptops recently launched by Dell. The feature lets you connect your Android or iOS device to your PC via Bluetooth and you can send, receive messages or calls on your PC.

However, this feature was exclusive to Dell PCs at the launch but not anymore. A simple trick lets you install the app on your PC. Here’s how to install Mobile Connect app on any Windows 10 PC:

  • Make sure that the Developer Mode is on. To do that go to settings > Update and Security > For Developers -> turn on Developer Mode.
  • Wait for few minutes for the developer package to be installed.
  • Download the .appx package of the Dell Mobile Connect App from here.
  • After downloading, install the package by just double-clicking the file.
  • The App Installer would pop up and click Install button to install the app and wait for it to finish.

Now in order to be able to use the app, you may also need to install the drivers provided by Dell. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Download the drivers from here.
  • After downloading, open the .exe file.
  • Instead of clicking the Install button, click the Extract button and extract to the folder that you want to extract to.
  • After the extraction is successful, close the dialog box.
  • Go to the folder where you extracted the files.
  • Run the DellMobileConnectDriversSetup.exe as administrator.
  • Click yes if prompted.
  • Go through the setup and install the drivers.
  • After installation is completed, press Finish.

Make sure you’ve downloaded Dell Mobile Connect app on your mobile from Play Store on Android 5.0+ and App Store on iOS 10+. After installing, go through the linking process between both devices and you are good to go.

  • Nightfireblaze

    This does not work. I get an error saying “Dell Mobile Connect is currently not available in your account”.

    • Sai Viswanth Chowdary Mullapud

      Same for me. Doesn’t work.

  • Sathish Reddy

    Working like charm.
    Thank you :)

  • krack

    Ask the developer for a new app package. This package may conflict with a package already installed, or it depends on things not installed here (package dependencies), or is made for a different architecture (0x80073CF3)
    not working for me showing error

  • VladimireN

    It also does not work. Displays the message: „The Dell Mobile Connect driver has failed to load. Pleas turn Bluetooth on and off on your PC. If the problem persist, pleas restart your PC. If the driver doest not load after restarting your PC, pleas uninstal and reinstal Dell Mobile Connect. Modul Name: Handsfree“
    It did not help!

    • Mark Tonio

      need to update the app on the store

  • Simo

    Worked for me…

    A little dubious installing the downloaded install file, but windows store seems to think it’s legit, so fingers crossed…

    I’d already installed the driver, and the app wouldn’t connect at first, but after reinstalling the driver from Dell, it all worked.

    Interestingly, the app is showing installed in Windows Store (bun incompatible with my PC), which probably means I can update it later.

    Installed on XPS15 9560

  • zemetras

    hi guys, any idea how to get to work it between mobile ( android ) and desktop PC connected via LAN cable ? Mirroring is asking for wi-fi, but my PC and mobile are in one LAN (router)
    thankfull for any help, thanks

    • zemetras

      btw it is working for notifications ( emails, email etc ) but i cant do more.

  • Jimit Rupani

    Working like a charm!!!!

  • Thanks!

    • Padmanabh Gupta

      hey bro can u send me the dell moile connect driver files

  • leomou

    found any new source for the Driver? :)

  • Padmanabh Gupta

    need the drivers plz..!!

  • Marcio Uchoas

    link of the unavailable drivers … check and correct the error please and publish for us

    • Mayank Parmar

      Yep, done.

  • Marcio Uchoas

    Application installation failed with error message: Catastrophic failure (0x8000ffff)

  • Arun Nair

    The appx package is failing to install with reason “Error in parsing the app package.”

  • Mayank Parmar

    I’ve updated the article with new download links!

  • Mayank Parmar

    added :)

  • GigiVald

    Thanks for making it possible!!! Worked fine here =)

  • Erdem Sarikus

    it’s working. ;)
    my pc : dell latitude 7480
    windows 10 v1803 enterprise

  • Mark Tonio

    working! thanks! need to update the appx app in the store after installation.

  • Graham

    I keep getting an error that says my system is not adequate for running dell mobile connect drivers. Any sugestions?