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A major security bug in Intel CPUs has been discovered and it could negatively affect PC’s performance. The security hardware bug is present in multiple Intel CPUs and the fix for the bug is on the way but the only downside is that the overall performance of PCs might take a hit.

Since this is a hardware bug, it affects the security of the operating system powering the device. The bug could affect users from all major platforms including Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It’s worth noting that the regular people won’t be affected much.

Intel is, of course, working on a patch that will be released soon but it might have some impact on performance. The problem is actually with the hardware itself, so the regular patches won’t fix the issue. The next generation of the Intel processor will, of course, include a fix for the critical hardware bug.

It appears that some Intel processor launched in the past ten years are affected, the exact model detail is not available yet. After the installation of the patch, the performance of PCs with affected processors could drop by 5% to 30%, though the performance could be optimized by developers to achieve the best gaming experience.

Popular cloud services such as Amazon EC2 or Azure could take a hit. Details about the hardware bug are limited as it could put users at risk. Once the patch has been issued, we’ll learn more about the bug.

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