Microsoft earlier confirmed that the Windows HomeGroup feature will be removed with the release of the company’s next major update Redstone 4 in spring of 2018. But the company has already made sure to remove the same with the latest Insider Preview Build 17063 released to Fast Ring Insiders couple of days ago.

HomeGroup which was introduced with older Windows releases and supports all versions of the operating system lets users quickly share files and printers between home network PCs.

Since HomeGroup was created in the pre cloud and pre mobile era the company now says that it has served its purpose and there are more alternatives do quickly share files etc. With Windows 10 Microsoft has made it easy to connect PCs and printers on home network via the Share functionality of Windows 10 or using OneDrive app and share photos and albums with multiple devices.

With the HomeGroup now being retired Microsoft is advising users to turn to OneDrive for file storage, Share functions and more. You can access more than a single device by logging in with your Microsoft Account.

The company has also revealed an important info about the HomeGroup especially for users with Windows 10 Creators Update, that the service will continue to work for Creators Update Windows 10 users, until they update to the company’s newer version of Windows 10, meaning users with Fall Creators Update and upcoming Redstone 4 will not be able to use the HomeGroup service.

  • Dave Anthony

    Just installed 17063 last night. I get the decision. Will save hours of headaches { Cant create / connect to Homegroup } but it wont nudge me towards One Drive.

  • wpostma

    HomeGroup was crap, but OneDrive is even more crap. Nope nope nope. A linux powered SAMBA fileserver for me.

  • jpsqldude

    “With the HomeGroup now being retired Microsoft is advising users to turn to OneDrive for file storage, Share functions and more.” <— please do go ahead and tell me how I can share a printer on my local network using OneDrive. Thank you so very much.

    • tony

      I cant use my nas because of it now :(

      • Inn2webdesign

        I had the same problem. You can fix it by going into Control Panel/Programs & Features/Turn Window Features On or Off. Scroll to SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support and enabling it. Restart everything and it should become visible again in your network. Worked on my Buffalo LinkStation NAS.

        • tony

          thanks took me a few hours to find it but so glad I dont have to buy a new nas. I use a cheap dlink sharecenter nas for my nvidia shield for a cheap plex server without the hungry power