Netflix finally announced the HDR streaming support for both Netflix app and Edge on Windows 10. Xbox One users had this support for a while now on Netflix. High Dynamic Range (HDR) adds more colors, increase contrast and gives better clarity to the highlights and shadows enhancing the quality of the video.

This feature is only available for the members using Netflix’s premium plan and also those who have a compatible device. Netflix through their blog says “This feature is the culmination of a multi-year collaboration between Netflix and a number of industry partners. Intel’s 7th generation and higher CPUs provide that capability needed to play the Netflix HDR10 encodes. In addition, both Intel and Nvidia developed GPUs that use 10 bits-per-channel for each of the RGB colors, increasing the color space that can be represented. With this new hardware available in consumer PCs, Netflix and Microsoft partnered together to put the software pieces in place.”

In addition to a premium plan, users are also required to be running Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to be able to stream HDR content as the FCU added some changes to the browser that helps the Netflix’s media player to play HDR content.

If you have access to all the necessary conditions then what are you waiting for, get started. Netflix has many shows that are HDR enabled like Stranger Things 2, Marvel’s Daredevil, Marvel’s Iron Fist and many more.

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