Amazon recently pushed out an update to their app on Windows 10. The update bumps the version number to 2017.1206.2820.0 and brings some interesting features.

The app has always been one of the worst rated apps in the Store. Being just a web-wrapper, with no UWP like functionalities, it was not well received by the users. The app was also slow and horrible when compared to the website and the old Windows Phone app.

It seems like Amazon is slowly listening to the feedback. As first spotted by MSPU, the app can finally play videos inside the app. The update also adds a chasable live tile, though it still can’t be configured.

There is yet, however a lot of work left but it looks like Amazon will stick with the web-wrapper instead of a full fledged UWP app. Recently another e-commerce giant, Flipkart, replaced their UWP app with a web-wrapper. With Mobile dead, UWP makes no sense and looks like web-wrappers are the future.

The update is currently available now, and you can hit the link below to get it,

Amazon for Windows 10