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Qualcomm during its event i n Hawaii announced Windows on ARM PCs which is a part of the Always Connected PC initiative. The company has confirmed that it has partnered with AMD to bring the Always Connected PCs with its processors along with Modems from Qualcomm.

The decision was echoed by AMD on the stage confirming the partnership between the two companies. Qualcomm with its new partners Microsoft, ASUS and HP would be soon launching Windows on ARM PCs.

The Windows on ARM PC currently don’t have an ARM processor, instead comes with an Intel chip. But with the partnership between the two companies, the Always Connected PC will be coming soon with an AMD processor and Qualcomm modem.

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X16 modems offers up to a speed of 1Gbps and the same performance is expected to be included in the upcoming AMD machines. Both the companies have confirmed that they have already started working with its partners to bring the new Always Connected PCs to market but have not given any estimated timeframe regards to the availability of these PCs.

We will however be keeping our eyes on the new developments and will keep you updated once we have any confirmed time frame announced by either companies for the availability of the Always Connected PCs.