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Microsoft has been improving Edge at a rather slow pace, it took them a while to enable extension support in the Windows 10 default web browser, and many users ultimately switched to a third-party web browser.

The company rolls out new features for Microsoft Edge with every release of new Windows 10 version. Microsoft added a lot of new features to Edge browser with the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and today a new patent has revealed that the company is testing yet another interesting feature.

A new patent details a Microsoft Edge feature that will automatically hide the adult browser history. The feature appears to be in a very early stage of development, but it could be released with the Windows 10 Redstone 4 update.

With the new feature, Microsoft aims┬áto take the Edge browser’s InPrivate window to a whole new level. Based on the sites you visit, Microsoft Edge would automatically switch modes (from normal to InPrivate window).

“Techniques for automation of browsing mode switching are described. According to various implementations, a web browser is operable in multiple different browsing modes, including a normal browsing mode and a private browsing mode. Techniques described herein enable automatic switching between browsing modes based on different mode triggers, and enable user configuration of various mode change behaviors,” the patent explains.

The strategy to keep Edge browser up-to-date would continue with the next releases as well, including the upcoming Redstone 4 update due in the spring. What do you think about Microsoft Edge’s new feature? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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