Microsoft released the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on October 17th to the general public. The company had made improvements to the DirectX 12 with the Fall Creators Update.

Today the company has detailed the improvements made to the DirectX 12 in a Building Apps Blog. The company has made sure that the improvements will make it easy for developers to build games which run faster along with debug the code and more.

Microsoft has made it easier for developers to debug code since debugging codes for standard programs is different and difficult from debugging a game or program. The company now helps developers check their debugging data when the GPU data is lost with process called Device Removed Errors.

With two new features developers will now be able to find out the actual cause of the crash especially for programs. Microsoft gives access to resource memory helping the developers to point out the exact place where the error occurred by introducing them to an improved debugging data.

With the tool, developers will have access to contents of the resource memory to have more useful information helping them to determine the exact nature of the error, the time to be taken to fix them.

The company has also made improvements to the debugging commands which now lets developers use a tool to create markers to record commands sent from the CPU which have been executed and which are to be executed when a crash occurs. Gamers with the debugging improvements can now let developers inform about the root cause of the issue with a game or app.

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