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In our earlier article, we reported that Microsoft will be discontinuing support for its Document Viewer App early next year. We now report  that the company is in plans of dropping support for another of its Reader App.

The Reader app, the company says will be discontinued early next year. By discontinuing the Reader app, the company wants more users to use the default Windows 10 Browser Microsoft Edge which is a fully featured browser.

After updating to the latest version of the Reader App, users will be getting a notification when launching the application informing them about the app being discontinued or pulled in February 2018.

The app will not be usable beyond the above mentioned date and the users are hence advised to use the Microsoft Edge Browser for reading PDF, Windows XPS Viewer for XPS and Windows Photos for TIFF files.

The decision behind killing the Reader app is the company wants users to use the Edge Browser which has an inbuilt document viewer albeit slow compared to the Reader app in Windows 10 since Microsoft has been very aggressive in pushing its Edge Browser.

The Reader app which was officially made available with Windows 8 in 2012 as the default PDF viewer hasn’t been able to garner more users or viewers off late. Microsoft launched the Microsoft Edge Browser with Windows 10 already having a fully featured document viewer.

To be fair, lot of users use the Edge Browser in Windows 10 for viewing PDF documents rather than browsing as compared to Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. So if you are one of the users who is using the Reader App and are not interested in using the Edge Browser then you have other alternatives like Adobe Acrobat Reader which is the most popular and widely used Reader application and also comes with extra features other than just viewing files.

  • John

    Microsoft doesn’t get it. Edge stinks for PDF reading, yet users who like Reader, have to get off it. All it will do is send people to Non Microsoft products. I like to show many pages and then quickly go to that page and resize easily. No keyboard or mouse needed. Edge doesn’t do squat.

    • edge isn’t useful for anything. microsoft removing Reader for Edge is at best a flawed move, at worst a suicidal one

    • GMUPatriots

      Killing off an app usable on LCD tablets isn’t the smartest overall decision IMO but it’s a decision that has to be seen as linked to the addition of epub to Edge in the Creators Update and the rumored existence of a completely new device coming in 2018.

      They’re going to release a dual screen e-ink device in 2018 that we first saw back in 2009 as the Courier. It’s code named Andromeda. Edge will be the default reader app that will read epub, PDF, etc.

      And all PDF readers for Windows, Android and iOS that I’ve tried stink for one reason or another. For reading PDFs the best devices are the really expensive Sony, Onyx and ReMarkable tablets and they’re better because of e-ink.

  • Martin

    They removed my access to their reader App. How do i get it back. I dont like Edge. Microsoft want us to use edge to do stuff. It’s all wrong! Reader app is only (Reading)! Nothing else! I loved their Reader App. Black background, no buttons or functions. Only Reading! Give it back!

  • Mike

    Amazing… adobe acrobat reader dropped, and the stupid edge could not open any of my pdf…. way to go Windows.. i stuck with you all this time.. but the straw is getting real short now…