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A report claims that Broadcom is considering to buy Qualcomm, as early as this weekend. If Broadcom acquires Qualcomm, then it would create one biggest wireless technology companies. Broadcom is in talks with the advisors to make a bid of $100 billion for Qualcomm, this will increase the Qualcomm’s market value to $103.2 billion.

The acquisition would be the biggest ever takeover of any chipmaker. After the reports, Qualcomm’s stock surged 12.7 percent, while shares of Broadcom closed up 5.5 percent. The company hasn’t confirmed the reports but it appears to be legit as many of reliable sources have managed to confirm the story.

According to reports, Broadcom is planning to acquire Qualcomm as its stock price is soaring. The company is also planning to shift its headquarters back to the US from Singapore before acquiring Qualcomm.

On the other hand, due to several lawsuits including a billion lawsuit with Apple, Qualcomm’s stock has been struggling. Broadcom and Qualcomm are busy in completing acquisitions of Brocade Communication Systems and NXP respectively. Once all the acquisitions are completed, Broadcom would be biggest the wireless technology company.

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