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While NetMarketShare claims that Windows 10 is growing very slowly, StatCounter has now revealed that Windows 10 adopting rate is good, the new stats indicate that Windows 10 could overtake Windows 7 by end of this year. When Microsoft released new operating system, many loyal users have decided to stick with Windows 7, but now as the company, is pushing the new OS to the users, the operating system is finally expected to overtake Windows 7.

Windows 7 has seen a drop of 1.34 percent last month and on the other hand, Windows 10 market share has increased by 1.65 percent. Windows 7 now holds 42.67 percent market share and Windows 10 is slightly behind the former with 40.95 percent market share.

If the same Windows 10 adoption rate continues, the new operating system is very likely to overtake Windows 7 to take the crown of world’s most-used desktop operating system. Remember that Microsoft hasn’t provided any adoption data for Windows 10, the above stat is from a third-party market research firm and it could be incorrect.

On the other hand, Windows XP declined slightly and now it holds 3.89 percent of market share. More and more users are ditching Windows XP but not all of them are upgrading to Windows 10, as many users prefer Windows 7 over 10. Windows Vista has lost some market as well and it was quite obvious given that Microsoft no longer offers support.

Now as the Fall Creators Update is available, it is likely that Windows 10 will maintain the adoption rate and should surpass Windows 7 popularity by end of this year. However, it remains to be seen whether or not more users upgrade to Windows 10 or choose any other desktop operating system.

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