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Microsoft is now rolling out a major update to the Store app for both Windows 10 Mobile and PCs. The update is apparently available for the Windows Insiders on the Fast and Release Preview Rings. The updated version of Microsoft Store is 11710.1000.94.0, it contains Fluent Design and other changes.

As we noted above, Microsoft is finally adding the Fluent Design elements into the Store app. The company has actually revamped the entire interface with more elements from the Fluent Design system, you’ll notice the acrylic and reveal effects on the hamburger menu.

The acrylic effect is also noticeable on the app pages, as you can see in the above screenshots. Another useful feature is the ability to disable auto-play video trailers on the apps and games page.

Apart from the above-mentioned changes, Microsoft has also modified the font and enhances the animations. Other changes include bug fixes and minor performance improvements on the desktop.

While the update brings major changes, it has a bug where the hamburger menu would lag on mobile devices, apparently because of the Fluent Designs’ reveal effect. As we noted above, the update is available for Windows Insiders and it is being rolled out in phases. What do you think about the new Microsoft Store? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

  • Abuturk

    Got it its amazing

  • Rahim

    Is there any apps improvement in numbers which is the major reason for a windows 10 phone to fall..

  • Mayank Parmar

    It is also lagging on our Elite x3, pretty much unusable!

  • ⏹ Scorpio

    Hopefully this is just a matter of fine-tuning. My 8 years old PC displays all blur effects without any hassle. Opening task manager shows that while I move/click mouse it barely goes to 5% CPU and 3% GPU… I think they can do it, it’s only if they want to or they don’t give a sh**t ;-)

  • Bespin

    works fine on my 950 might be the new battery?
    Very fluid.