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Microsoft is now reported to be working with Razer, to sell the new Android smartphone from the gaming company. This isn’t the first time Microsoft has decided to sell an Android phone, the company recently started selling their own customized version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Xiaomi’s Mi 5s Plus.

Microsoft is Razer’s exclusive in-store partner and it would sell the company’s Android smartphone at its online store in the US and Canada. Razer Phone is the company’s first smartphone with Android, the mobile device is designed for the gamers and features a powerful hardware.

To provide the best experience possible, it comes with 8GB of RAM and super-fast 120-hertz display. It has 5.7-inch QHD display with 120Hz with Ultramotion and a wide colour gamut made by Sharp. The ultimate gaming mobile device is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor and has 64GB of internal storage.

On the back, it has two cameras with 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel front-facing camera. It looks quite similar to the Nextbit Robin, the other features include 4,000mAh battery, fingerprint reader and boots the Android operating system.

Microsoft hasn’t confirmed its plan to sell the Razer phone yet but the report claims that it would sell the Razer’s phone with special green logo. The mobile device might also come with Microsoft services and apps pre-installed to provide the best ever experience.

  • Uncommon_Tater

    Tried Android. Hated it. Sticking with my Windows 10 Mobile.

    • Mayank Parmar

      Same. Even 3GB isn’t enough to run Android properly!

    • Kevin Robinson

      You do realize that there is no more development going on for WP right – only security patches until they kill it off in 2019

      • Uncommon_Tater

        You do realize that Ford no longer manufactures Gran Torino’s right? And yet, some models are highly sought after. Windows 10 Mobile is fine the way it is, it doesn’t need any further development (Android, on the other hand…) and can be used for the next two years. God-willing, by that time I will be able to root a phone that came preloaded with Android with Windows 10 on ARM.

        • Kevin Robinson

          big difference – between cars and technology especially a phone that only MS makes it is not like you can get 3rd party parts for it. you will not be able to root the phone for 10 or ARM the software is not compatible with the older phones you need at ;east an 835 chip and the 950 or XL only have an 808.

          • Uncommon_Tater

            I’m not hoping to be able to root my 950XL (why would I do that?), I’m hoping to eventually be able to root a phone such as a Galaxy S9 with Windows 10 on ARM.

          • Kevin Robinson

            oh – that should work – 8+ should work also

    • Same here, although the reason on why I left Android is because of the lack of updates and patches.

  • yapchagi

    I might switch to Android just becoz of this Razer phone featuring 120 Hz display and Dolby Atmos speakers. My Lumia 950 XL is a really good phone, but the lack of apps made me wanna switch to Android.

    • Kevin Robinson

      I used WP until recently when my 950 died – I have a Samsung Galaxy 8+ and I really don’t miss WP – you can get the MS apps on the phone and swift key works for I can swipe text. You really don’t have a choice or hold out for the Andromeda phone – could be a long wait though.

  • Adib Afiq

    Windows phone is dead… more phones from windows….BULLSHIT!!!