Microsoft is currently working on bringing some optimal changes to the data center which power in order to increase and improve the performance. The company is currently rolling out changes to the which will bring improvements to the service performance for users especially on slow networks. currently is hosted via multiple data centers across the world which is a result of fault tolerance, load balancing etc., To make this more optimized, the company has decided to make changes to

Earlier stored data in the nearest data center in the country you are located but the details were not correct. Now with the recent changes will be able to detect the current and actual location and store the data in the nearest data center.

The company expects to automatically transfer account to the nearest data center based on the users current location. But the transferring might not be possible always between data centers if the user is a regular visitor abroad.

The change is expected to be rolled out in both US and Europe and with the change Microsoft plans to determine the appropriate data centers for users automatically.