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A lot of users have reported several issues after installing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update and now it appears that there is yet another bug causing the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update installation to fail on certain PCs. According to the report, you cannot install Windows 10 Fall Creators Update on a device with Intel’s X299 chipset and NVMe SSD drive.

Just like the previous versions of Windows, the Fall Creators Update is also buggy. The update downloads successfully but when the PC reboots, the installation throws an error message and finally restores the Windows operating system. The issue has affected certain PCs with Gigabyte, Asus and MSI motherboards.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is aware of the reported issue and the company is actively working with the OEMs to release a fix for the bug that prevents the installation of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. Meanwhile, if you would like to force the update on your PC, you can download the official ISOs.

One of the new feature introduced with the Fall Creators Update is support for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The Mixed Reality lets you travel the top destinations and get inside the games such as Minecraft.

The Fall Creators Update for Windows 10 is more than a minor update and less than a major update, it has some improvements like the Fluent Design and new features like People app integration. You can read our in-depth review of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update to know more about the new Windows 10 release.

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